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Polynomiq is the Jean-Marc Mélot's solo music project started during fall of november 2012. This project was intented to give an access to new sounds, drums lines, and visual experience using only 3D animations.
Behind the technology involved in this project, there is a also a strong philosophy about redefining electronic pop-music in a more minimalistic way.

Dancable but also including a lot of atmospheric contexts, PolynomiQ is based on a large experimentation work process to finally achieve a rational construction.

One of the constraint was the ultimate will to avoid vocals, or a true singing line. All electronic sounds & rythms are enough to produce the specific harmonics, frequencies, and timbers to put the listener into the inner center of this electronic world.

Another constraint was to avoid the typical schemes usually found in common tunes : chorus / verse / break / chorus / verse / ...
The idea is similar to the way a book is written, like a full-length story, with different chapters from the introduction to the end. This is how those songs are mostly conceived.

Thanks to the full time studio accessibility (Geometry For Numbers Studio), there are no constraints to process and finish everything within a specific timeline. The sound design was equally important than the melody design.